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Value Of Games & Sport

1-Introduction -Games and Sports are very necessary in life. Games and sport are necessary for the harmonious development of heart,mind and soul. Games and sport provide us a good exercise to keep us healthy to keep us healthy. To lead a happy and successful life physical and mental fitness is indispensable. A man can never be mentaly storng if he is physically weak. Games and sports are an important part of education also, games help in the physical and mental development of a person. If we are weak and sick, we can not have fertile brain,games and sports keep us healthy,active and smart.

2-Value of Games and Sports -
(A) Important Source of Recreation- Games and sports are an important source of recreation .After playing games we begin to feel cheerful,games and sport remove the dullness of mind. Games and sports provide exercise to our body to make us physically strong. Physical strength helps us to fight the battle of life.
(B) Physical Fitness- Those who do not work hard become ill. Games and sports prouide exercise to human body,they make us fit and strong. A healthy person can gain success at every step of life.
(C) Nation Unity- Games and sports create the feeling of national unity among the country men. When players from all the corners of the country make a team,they develop the team sprit. When they play, they constitute a national unity. The audience never think about their name,caste,religion. They think only about the country.
(D) Games And Sports Build Character-Games and sports build character. They help in making good citizens. Games and sports make the people play the games of life honestly,such persons keep their nation young, healthy and strong. Sportsman are the pride of a nation. These days games and sports have an international importance. Games and sports bring the nation of the world close together.
(E) Value in students life- Games and sports have great value in students life. The sports teach many things to the students,games and sports develop their sportsmen sprit, mental outlook, cheerful nature,sense of humour and strong physique. All these are important traits of a successfull life.

3- Conclusion- In short, we can say that no games,no health,no benefits, no pleasure,no life. So we should take part in games and sports regularly.Our gavernment should make all kinds of games and sports easily available for people. Our girls are lagging in games and sports,so special attention should be paid in this direction. Special facilities should be provided to our players so that they may be able to raise the name of our country in the world olympic and in other international compititions.