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Population Problem

1-Introduction -India is a very big and vast country. It has been facing many problems since independence such as population problem,Dowery prolem, terrorism problem,un-employment problem etc. but among all these problem the problem of growing population in india is very serious. It is the most burning problem of india. India is the second most populated cuntry after China. It has become a hindrance in the way of our progress.It has became a cause of failure of our plans.

2-Causes Of This Problem - There are several causes of this problem.Some of them are following-
(A) Illiteracy and Superstitions -Most of our people live in villages,they are ignorant and illiteracy, They are not aware about the importance of small families and consider the childrens are blessings of god.
(B) Medical Facilities -Due to the better medical facilities the birth rate is increasing day by day and death rate is decreasing.
(C) Lower Standered Of Living-Most of our people are very poor. Their living standard is very low. They do not understand the importance of family plannig.
(D) Lack Of Education-Lack of proper education is also one of the main cause for growth in population.
(E) Child Marriage-Child Marriage and marriage at on earlier age also increase this problem.

3-Effects Of Over Population-Due to the rapid growth of population our educated youths are striving for jobs. Many people are homeless and pass their life on footpaths.Most of people are living beow poverty line. It is only because of population growth that our government is not able to achieve the goals of the five years plans. Jobless youths commit crime and create problem not only for their families but also for the government which has to maintain low and order.

4-Its solution-We can solve this problem by following steps-
(A) Education should spread both in rural and urban areas.
(B) People should give up their superstitions.
(C) We should follow the example of china and their practice of one child.
(D) Our government should try its best to romove poverty and raise the standered of people.
(E) Scientists should develop more useful and less harmful devices to control the growth of population.

5-Conclusion-Growing population is a very serious problem. Our government is doing her best to solve this problem, but government alone can not solve this problem. So it is duty of every indian citizen to help the government to solve the problem of growing population. We should also inspire others to do the same,only then it is hoped that india will escape the horror of population growth.