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JQuery, is a DOM (Document Object Model) manipulation library.
The DOM is a tree-structure representation of all the elements of a web-page and JQuery makes finding, selecting, and manipulating these DOM elements simple and convenient. For example, jQuery can be used for finding an element in the document with a certain property (e.g. all elements with an h1 tag), changing one or more of its attributes (e.g. color, visibility), or making it respond to an event (e.g. a mouse click).

The advantages of using jQuery are:
1-Eliminates cross-browser incompatibilities: The JavaScript engines of different browsers differ slightly, so JavaScript code that works for one browser may not work for another. jQuery handles all these cross-browser inconsistencies and provides a consistent interface that works across different browsers.
2-Extensible: In JQuery New events, elements and methods can be easily added and then reused as a plugin.
3-Ease of use: This is pretty much the main advantage of using JQuery. It is more easy to use Jquery as compared to standard javascript and other javascript libraries. Jquery has simple syntax and it also requires much less lines of code to achieve the same feature in comparison.
4-Ajax support: JQuery lets you develop Ajax templates with ease.

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