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A picnic

The word "picnic" brings a cheer and smile to the face of many.
In Picnic, we get rid of our daily busy life and spend some time with friends, family or ralatives.Picnic increases the bonding between each other.
In Last winter,I with my family went to a memorable picnic at a lake.
It was chrismis holiday so we decided to go outside adveture and have fun.Everybody was excited about this outdoor adventure.

Reaching the picnic Spot-
Finally, the day had arrived. We all left our home early morning and soon we were on our way to the picnic. We travelled by the car.We tried to enjoy every movenment.On the way to lake , we play Antakshari.
All of the family member was so excited about the picnic. First we reached at a kund, this kund has naturally lukewarm water in the winter.We all took bath in the Kund. We all liked it to have bath in the kund.
Then we travelled to the lake and finally we reached to our destination. The beauty of the place welcomed us with a cool breeze on our faces.
This lake was so beautiful and place has so many thing to enjoy like Camel riding, Boat riding, and some sport activities also.

Enjoying the picnic- We decided to have camel ride first, we were so excited because we never had camel ride before. After camel ride we decided to have boat ride. we purchased tickets and waited for our turn. We booked one boat for our family.Finally our turn came. We enjoyed boat ride, and every one was happy.It was a padal boat, We took pics while riding on the boat.
What a memorable time it was during a picnic with the family. We were now tired and hungry. We we went to a lawn and open our lunch boxes.
We had the lunch with us. Kids were still in mood of fun , they played some games there. Now it was getting evening so we left for home.

Conclusion- The picnic with family was over,but it is still alive in over memories and offcouse in pics which we clicked.
We spent a good time together, picnic incresed the bonding among each other.
We will plan to go for picnic soon.