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Wonder Of Science

1-Introduction - Modern age in called the age of science.Science has brought a rovolutionary change in our life,so it has become a great blessing for us.There are many wonderful innovationa of science which how made our life pleasant and comfortable. Science has affected our life in every sphere.Science produces goods at cheaper rates on large scale. The highest point of its prosperity . So modern age is called the age of science.

2-Blessing of science-There are following blessing of science.
(A) Use Of Electricty-Science has given us electricity. It is the greatest source of energy. It runs our houses,factories, and offices.It keeps our houses and offices warm and cool. It has changed our dark nights into the bright days. It has affected our life in every sphere.So we can not pass a comfortable life whithout electricity. Electricity has changed our life style.
(B) Means of Recreetion- Science has given us many new means of recreetion such as radio,T.V.,cinema,videogame etc. We can hear news and songs in radio.We can seee movie and drama in T.V. We can play an interesting games on video games.
(C) Means Of Communication- Science has given us many new means of communication such as mobile,telephone,wireless,internet etc. We can talk to our friends and relatives by mobile,telephone, mobile and wireless. We can send our messages by internet and mobile.
(D) Means Of Transport- Science has given us many new means of transport such as bus,car, train, aeroplane and ship etc.In these days travelling has become very fast. We have reached on the moon by rocket.Now we can reach one place to another place easily by bus,car,train and aeroplane.
(E) Atomic Energy- Atomic energy is the latest gift of science. It is a wonderful invention of science.It is the greatest source of energy. Now we can do hard and impossible task with the help of atomic energy.
(F) Computer- Computer has brought a great reuolution in the world. It is the most wonderful invention of science. Now-a-days computer has become on invitable part for any branch of science.
(G) Use In Medical Field-Science has helped us in medical field. Now we can care harmful and dangerous diseases such as T.B., Cancer, cholera etc. Now doctors has become able to change heart and kidneys also. Now we can see inner part of the body with the help of X-ray.

(3) Disadvantages of Science- Everything has two sides and science too has dark side. The invention and productin of atom bomb and other dangerous weapons are a threat to the existence of humanity in the world.These weapon can destroy the world whithin second.Secondly big factarories and mills have polluted the atomsphere. Now it is becoming more and more difficult to get pure air and water.

(4) Conclusion- Science is a good knowladge.It can be a great blessing for us if we use it for constructive purpose and it can be a curse if it is used for destructive purpose. So we can say that science is a good servant but a bad master.