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Custom Controls

ASP.NET has provided Web controls but some time you come across a situation where web server controls is not enough to full fill your application requirements. So .net has provided the feature to create custom control. When you override the property of existing control or create a new control according to your requirement is called Custom controls.
To create a custom control you need to inherit your class either from web control (textbox, list box etc) or from Control class which is a base class for all the web controls. Custom controls are different from user controls in a way that it is created as dll and can be added in tool box or GAC to use by other applocations. The main benifit of using custom control is reusability.
We can create a custom control and use it where ever it is needed, you don't have to write the same logic again.
Once the custom controls are created they can be used in same way as user controls are used.